Ch He' Lo's Dark Side of the Moon

By: Black Baron K 'Nogo of Be 'Ann   Ex: Calico's Anastasie of He'Lo


Dee Dee's Pedigree

Muhlin Soul-O Moonflower

By: Ch Candanham Teddy Bear    Ex: Ch He'Lo's Dark Side of the Moon


Soul-O's Pedigree


Am Can Ch Muhlin Mai O Mai
By: Ch Candanham Tai Chu     Ex: Muhlin Soul-O Moonflower


Chippy's Pedigree

Ch Muhlin Tai Coon
By: Ch Candanham Tai Chu     Ex: Muhlin Soul-O Moonflower


Poonie's Pedigree

By: Am Can Ch Muhlin Mai O Mai    Ex: E'Jean's Hichie Echo Chik He'Lo


Boog's Pedigree

Ch Muhlin Mynah
By: Ch Muhlin Boogaloo SOD     Ex: Muhlin Gemima


Mynah's Pedigree

By: Eng Ch Belknap El Dorado        Ex: Pretty Wings of Tung Chang
pictured as a puppy

Nugget's Pedigree

By: Ch Belknap Little Nugget     Ex: Temper Midnight Specialness


Midas' Pedigree

Am Can Ch Muhlin Sugar Bear
By: Belknap Little Nugget    Ex: Muhlin Sugar Plum


Cubby's Pedigree

By: Eng Ch Belknap Nero     Ex: Belknap Sanchop Charlotte

Cara's Pedigree 

Ch Muhlin Brie of Mehling

By: Hope's Firecracker Sparkler SOD  Ex: Muhlin Georgia Brown of Mehling


Brie's Pedigree

By: Eng Ch Belknap Pocket Peke    Ex: Belknap Sanchop Charlotte


Katie's Pedigree 

Ch Muhlin Gloriola

By: Knolland Mandingo          Ex: Ch Belknap Pochette


Glori's Pedigree

By: Ch Belknap Little Nugget      Ex: Muhlin Madiera

PJ was special from the moment she arrived. Born prematurely, she was intimidatingly tiny (2 oz at birth) and was entirely hand-raised. As an eight-week-old, she looked more like a tennis ball with legs than a Peke puppy. She carried no puppy coat to speak of, so we were understandably surprised when at seven months, she began growing adult coat with amazing speed. I don't think she ever realized she was a dog, and her personality made her an all time favorite. She finished with multiple specialty majors as a puppy  and she was awarded her Dam of Merit status from the Pekingese Club of America as well.

PJ's Pedigree

Ch Muhlin Molly Brown

By: Ch Muhlin Midas             Ex: St Aubrey Royal Mee of Elsdon


Molly B's Pedigree

By: Ch Bernshire Topper   Ex: Ch Bev's Liebien V Jamars

A little surprise! Otto was from our first homebred Berner litter. And he beat the odds.....he lived to be almost 14!


Otto's Pedigree

By: Ch Briarcourt's Rule Britannia   Ex: Ch Muhlin Molly Brown

"Nonnie" gave us goose bumps from the time he was a very young puppy. In type, he was very like Ch Muhlin Midas, and in turn I can see his "look" in Ch Muhlin Monopoly and many of Monopoly's children. As with all the dogs carrying both the Muhlin and Mehling kennel names, Nonnie was co-bred and co-owned by Diana Mehling (now Diana Rea) who has been one of my closest friends for too many years to count!


Nonnie's Pedigree

By: Am Can Ch Muhlin Sugar Bear   Ex: Ch Briarcourt's Tina Turner

We lost our dear old Sara to cancer only two months after we moved to the St. Louis area, and it still hurts. She was so dear and thankfully, she lived a life of quality right up until the end.


Sara's Pedigree

Ch Muhlin Lorraine of Mehling

By: Ch Muhlin Nonesuch of Mehling    Ex: Ch Muhlin Brie of Mehling


Lori's Pedigree

By: Am Can Ch Yakee A Town Called Malice   Ex: Ch Muhlin Lorraine of Mehling

What can I say about Angie? She had only one litter and that litter contained but one puppy. She loved being a mother and she loved that baby! That baby was Ch Muhlin Monopoly, so we felt Angie had blessed us beyond measure in every way. She "owned" Phil, and her loss due to a failing old heart nearly did us in...


Angie's Pedigree

By: Can Ch St Aubrey Chit Chat of Elsdon     Ex: Ch Briarcourt's Tina Turner

"Tito" was from Nina's first litter. He absolutely adored children and always made a complete pest of himself begging to be hugged as tightly as little arms could hug.


Tito's Pedigree

By: Genisim Drumbeat   Ex: Can Ch Genisim Walk on the Wild Side

Harry was a sweetheart and it was a great disappointment when he decided that he didn't care for dog shows. He finished (mostly because he was so beautiful), but it was one of the hardest things I've ever done. These days, if I have an odd one (i.e. Boomer) who thinks shows are for the birds, I just accept the fact that having a title really doesn't change what they are or how they'll produce.


Harry's Pedigree

By: Ch Genisim's Wild About Harry    Ex: Ch Muhlin Serenity


Scotty's Pedigree

By: Ch Hope's Firecracker Sparkler    Ex: Am Phil Ch Indiscreet At Dreamville


Colby's Pedigree

By: Ch Shihgo Tittle Tattle To Toydom    Ex: Ch Fourwinds Tardy To Party


Folly's Pedigree


By: Ch Muhlin Monopoly   Ex: Phil Ch Dreamville Dark Crystal

"Mergie" attained Philippine "Hall of Fame" status before coming back to America to earn her American title. She belongs to her co-breeder, Dr. Ray Lo, and is a littermate to Ch Muhlin Morticia of Dreamville. Mergie rules with sweetness where Tish rules with arrogance!


Mergie's Pedigree


Ch Muhlin Madrigal of Dreamville
By: Ch Morningstar Festival Music   Ex: Am Phil Ch Indiscreet At Dreamville

- here are more recent snaps of Maddie.....on her fancy pillow, and with her buds -

Maddie's "joie de vivre" made showing her a challenge, but she finished her championship in spite of herself!! She retired to a life of luxury with Janie Kissner. Janie recently lost Maddie to old age and we all mourn her passing. To know Maddie was to love her!

Maddie's Pedigree

By: Ch Muhlin Monopoly    Ex: Dreamville Sun Goddess

Ziggy was always our resident sweetheart! We lost him at six due to pulmonary damage from aspiration pneumonia he had suffered as an eight month old. My heart remains broken over this loss as I adored him. In his all too brief time with us, he produced the champions Royal's Happy Talk and Royal's Majique in the Haus, and has two more pointed daughters as well.

Ziggy's Pedigree

By: Am Can Ch Taeplace Monet ROM       Ex: Ch Dreamville Sweet 'N Low

We lost our treasure late in the fall of 2006 when he was only 19 months old. Diagnosis was a freakish birth defect in his skull, but knowing the why of it doesn't help us at all. He was so sweet and so full of life that it some days it is very hard just to put one foot in front of the other. Sleep well sweetheart! There was only time for two  Vinnie litters (a total of 5 puppies) and already there are three champion children. The titles are lovely, and we wish we could say that being permitted to have had his children were blessing enough. However, we are selfish and we will never stop wishing that Vinnie were still here with us!

Vinnie's Pedigree


By: Ch Muhlin Molotov   Ex: Ch Muhlin Charade of Dreamville

Flora was Boomer's very first child and she did him proud. She finished with her third major (at the North Central Illinois Pekingese Club) at 13 months of age, shown entirely in the Bred-By-Exhibitor class. She absolutely adored Phil and squealed with joy like a little piglet when he came home from work to play with her. She was lost as the end result of a reaction to one of her puppy vaccinations, and we will never fully recover I'm afraid.


Flora's Pedigree

By: Phil Gr Ch Dreamville Dark Obsession     Ex: Dreamville Cover Girl

"Reggie/Regine" lived with and was co-owned by us from the time she was six months old until she was six years old and went back to the Philippines with her breeder and co-owner, Dr. Ray Lo. She completed her American title easily, beginning with a 5 point PCA major and while certainly not "campaigned" as a special, she added a Specialty BIS, several specialty BOSs and two all-breed Group 2s to her list of show achievements after gaining her title. She produced a Thai all-breed BIS winner in her first litter of one (by Ch. Carr's Top Brass), three champions (two American, one Philippine Grand) in her second litter (by Ch Muhlin Monopoly), and two show quality bitches (one of whom is now a Phil. Ch) in her third litter (by Ch Yakee Forward Step At Pleiku). She was our idea of "perfect" in every way!

Reggie's Pedigree


By: Ch Muhlin Monopoly BIS BISS SOD    Ex: Am Phil Ch Dreamville Sun Goddess BISS

"Sherrie" was littermate to Ch Bezique and Phil Gr Ch Cartel. She was an absolute delight and remains "one of the best" in our eyes. Sherrie always considered one puppy to be the proper size for a "litter", but we were very impressed with the calibre of her children. Her first daughter, Ch. Muhlin Holly Go Notso Lightly CD RN (by the Royer's Ch Carr's Heree's Luc) was owned by good friend Dian Thomas. Her second daughter was Ch Muhlin Floradora (by Ch Muhlin Molotov). We were always hopeful that Sherrie would deign to give us more than one puppy at a time, but frankly we were more pleased that her children were so sweet and beautiful. Sherrie and Tish were happily retired together in the lap of luxury with Bobby and her brother, Richard. I live for Bobby's phone calls and progress reports. I had always planned for these two girls to stay here forever, but Bobby slowly changed my mind. Sherrie claimed Bobby as her own and Tish did likewise with Richard, and each took over in her own way! Sherrie passed away quite unexpectedly this summer and Ch Lola is helping to fill the unbearable void Sherrie's passing has left.

Sherrie's Pedigree

By: Ch Muhlin Bezique of Dreamville    Ex: Ch Fourwinds Follo Mee At Muhlin

"Mikey" was owned by Wendy Fischer. He produced the lovely homebred champion Wendessa Domino in his first litter and in general fancied himself quite the Romeo!! Sadly, following a dental, Mikey became gravely ill and all efforts to save him failed. His loss was unbearable for all who knew and loved him.

Mikey's Pedigree

Ch Carr's Heree's Luc   Ex: Ch Muhlin Charade of Dreamville

Holly's owner, Dian Thomas, and I were so proud of Holly AND Dian as Holly was the ONLY Peke to earn an obedience title (Companion Dog) in 2003. On July 2nd of '05, Holly completed her Rally Novice title and on the 17th of the same month, she completed her conformation title -- Two titles in 15 days! Holly is a delight and feels that all the world's her proverbial oyster! She is the "princess" of the house, reigning over her big brothers, Rory (the Irish Setter) and Ch Trevor (the Pembroke Welsh Corgi), who is no longer the only CH in the house. Holly's first child, Dianspeed's Muhlin Mischief (sired by Ch Wendessa Domino) needed only his majors when an accident ended his show career (thankfully, Tiger is FINE!). Dian went the extra mile and allowed Holly to live here with us as a house pet while her final litter was conceived, whelped and raised, making it a truly collaborative effort. It was a lovely litter indeed, and Dian now has Ch Dianspeed's Delight ("Mei Mei,"), we have Ch Muhlin Honorable Miss ("Missy") and their brother, Muhlin Dianspeed's Copernicus ("Copi") owns a wonderful family in Illinois and has his own blog!! Holly was lost after a brief battle with anemia and we are still all in shock. She was such a vibrant little "being" and we thought she'd be with us for many years to come.

Holly's Pedigree

Ch Muhlin Mirage of Dreamville
By: Ch Muhlin Monopoly   Ex: Am Phil Ch Dreamville Queen of Soul

Mira completed her championship with three majors when she was just under a year of age.  While she was subdued and ladylike at shows, she was a kamikaze at home. SURPRISE. She managed to be a devoted mother to her first litter (Ch Muhlin Confidante, Ch Muhlin Bo Peep and Muhlin Phideaux), and then when her babies were well past weaning, she morphed into a devoted yet goofy nanny to her three children and her mother's four as well!! Mira was owned by Roy and Laura Harrison and was lost far, far too soon.


Mira's Pedigree


By: Ch Pleiku Stepping Forward    Ex: Lon-Du Truly Truly Fair

Strider was always so "up" about life in general, and he has passed that treasured trait on to his children. Strider had been purchased by a breeder  in Thailand and he was enjoying a truly meteoric specials career. He was awarded back-to-back-to-back all-breed Best in Shows and a Reserve BIS during a 4 day show weekend in Indonesia late in 2006, and then tragically, he passed away without warning in his sleep shortly after these wins. No one who knew and loved Strider will ever fully recover from his loss, especially at such a young age and under such circumstances.

Strider's Pedigree

Ch Muhlin Dust Bunny

By: Am Phil Gr Ch Yakee Yearn For Me          Ex: Ch Royal's Shimmering Stardust

Bunny was and always will be one of my absolute favorites! She was always completely devoted to "her people", and she showed for me because she knew it pleased me. Left to her own devices, she'd have been completely satisfied to stay at home. Testament to how much I trust Roy and Laura Harrison, Bunny went to them with my blessings. She was lost through no fault on their part. Even the vets were stumped until it was too late. Still a very bitter pill to swallow and her son "Fizz" is all the more precious because of who his mother was!

Bunny's Pedigree

Muhlin Gayla of Dreamville
By: Ch Yakee Forward Step At Pleiku    Ex: Am Phil Gr Ch Dreamville Sun Goddess BISS

Gayla was halfway to her title and has her first major, but she really preferred to be a "stay-at-home" kind of girl! She recently went to brighten the lives of good friends Don and Marcia Meracle. It was VERY difficult to allow her to go, but she has already made herself at home and loves being the center of Don and Marcia's universe!

Gayla's Pedigree

Ch Royal's Shimmering Stardust
By: Ch Royal's Dandy Man Can          Ex: Ch Royal's Happy Talk

"Dusty" completed her title after taking a break for motherhood (her two daughters - Sugar and Bunny - both easily completed their titles and are pictured above on this page). Dusty went to live with Laura and Roy Harrison and when we bred her to Am Phil Ch Muhlin Molotov, her third child (Laro Boomerang of Muhlin) gained her championship!! Sadly, we lost Dusty as a "young senior" and will always miss her oh so sweet disposition.

Dusty's Pedigree


By: Ch Shihgo Tittle Tattle To Toydom    Ex: Muhlin Anjali

Before he retired from the specials ring, "Buzz" had been awarded multiple  Specialty Bests in Show, multiple All-Breed Bests In Show, and numerous group wins. He lives here with his  first "mamma", and is co-owned now with Erna Holcombe, who with her husband, Herb, had specialled him so successfully. He sired 26 champions (and was awarded Sire of  Distinction status by The Pekingese Club of America several years ago at  champion child number 12), most notably the Holcombe's own homebred  multiple Best In Show winner, Ch Linn-Lee's St. Martin. Buzz left us two weeks before he would have turned 14, and we're not sure if we'll ever really get over this loss. He was one in a million and a treasure to live with.


Buzz's Pedigree

Am Phil Ch Muhlin Molotov  ("Boomer")
By: Ch Kushan Gold Ransom Of Pekehuis SOD        Ex: Ch Muhlin Morticia Of Dreamville ROM


After letting us know in no uncertain terms as a puppy that he did NOT like dog shows (the word "catatonic" came to mind), Boomer was "retired" after his first weekend out and allowed to simply grow up. Much later he was brought back out and  completed his Philippine championship in short order as an adult. Betty Claire Peacock, finished him for us with four major wins! If early  results are an indication of what is to come, we feel Boomer has much to contribute as a sire. We are very pleased with his first children and they finished easily. His daughter, Ch. Muhlin Floradora may be seen under the "Our Girls" tab (she completed her title shown entirely in the Bred-by-Exhibitor class), and his son, Ch. Muhlin Buzzword of Dreamville ("Hurly"), is pictured on our "Extended Family" page. Co-owner Ray Lo also has a lovely daughter, Phil Hall of Fame Gr Ch Dreamville Black Cherry, who has had an exciting show career (including a Reserve Best in Show) thus far. More recently, his daughter out of Ch Royal's Shimmering Stardust (Laro Boomerang of Muhlin) finished as a puppy. Boomer was very happy with his new family in Newfoundland and we all were devastated to lose him to a failing heart as a senior.

Boomer's Pedigree

By: Ch Dreamville Fast Forward      Ex: Ch Muhlin Mirage of Dreamville

Dante was beautiful, correct AND a riot. After beginning his show career liking everything about shows but moving around inside the ring with his tail over his back, he finished basically in two weekends with four majors as soon as he figured things out. Although he was used at stud sparingly, Dante produced seven champions. He didn't live nearly as long a life as we would have hoped, but oh how he did live!

Dante's Pedigree


Phil Gr Ch Muhlin Cartel of Dreamville ROM
By: Ch Muhlin Monopoly        Ex: Am Phil Gr Ch Dreamville Sun Goddess

Littermate to Ch Muhlin Bezique of Dreamville and Ch Muhlin Charade of Dreamville, Cartel was owned by his co-breeder, Dr. Ray Lo. To date, Cartel has sired six American champions in addition to quite a few Philippine champions, and he was himself only a major shy of his American title.


Cartel's Pedigree


By: Am Phil Gr Ch Yakee Yearn For Me            Ex: Ch Dreamville Sweet 'N Low ROM DOE

"Butchie" was owned and loved by Karen and Richard Fries and he was indeed siring champions for them. Very sadly, he simply passed away while he was asleep. We are all still in shock, as he was such a character and much loved.


Butchie's Pedigree