Pedigree for: Am Can Ch Muhlin Sugar Bear
Breeders: Patricia G. Mullendore & Carole A. Watson
Owners: Johnny and Lois Wagensomer and Patricia G Mullendore

Ch Belknap Little Nugget SOD Eng Ch Belknap El Dorado Belknap King Bee Eng Ch Yu Yang of Jamestown Ku Ying of Jamestown
Eng Ch Jinette of Jamestown
Belknap Volksmana Queen Bee Mistypoint Chungshi of Aldingfell
Colona Marisa of Weir Edge
Belknap Ma Jong Belknap Jin Song of Jamestown Jamestown Jin Chi of Caversham
Jamestown My Love
Belknap Myriad of Coughton Eng Ch Ping Yang of Coughton
Miss Ping Gable of Coughton
Pretty Wings of Tung Chang Chan Meh of Mathena Hedingham Red Robin of Mathena Am Ch Chan T'Sun of Bonaventure
Carla of Mathena
Tul Ku of Hedingham Eng Ch Tul Tuo of Alderbourne
Sandsprite of Hedingham
Beauty of Woodeast Kim of Newtown Wrensford Kernick China Sun
Blossom of Wrensford
Jane of Tretawn Sambo of Sherhill
Mei Lee Perky
Muhlin Sugar Plum Ch Muhlin Boogaloo SOD Am Can Ch Muhlin Mai O Mai Ch Candanham Tai Chu Ch Chip O Tai of Jenntora
Brabanta Butterfly of Chyanchy
Muhlin Soul-O Moonflower Ch Candanham Teddy Bear
Ch He'Lo's Dark Side of the Moon
E'Jean's Hichie Echo Chik He'Lo Ch Len's Eicho of Chik Ch Mae's Woo Pe Kwo Choo
Bey-Li Chik-Ku
Calico's Fallen Angel of He'Lo Trina's Calico Kid of He'Lo
Silvanite of He'Lo
Ch Belknap Pochette Eng Ch Belknap Pocket Peke Eng Ch Belknap El Dorado Belknap King Bee
Belknap Ma Jong
Belknap Rhoda Eng Ch Belknap Nero
Pretty Wings of Tung Chang
Belknap Sanchop Charlotte Belknap Kopek Belknap Cossack
Belknap Caversham Bittersweet
Sanchop Polly Flinders Oliver of Wongville
Sanchop Katrina

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