"Gracie" at 9 months

Ch Muhlin Saving Grace at 13 months on the day she completed her championship
By: Ch Muhlin Monopoly ROM, SOD              Ex: Ch Muhlin Gilded Lily

Gracie seems to be carrying on the family tradition. Like her mother AND her grandmother, she is supremely confident in the knowledge that she is "it". At her very first show, she marched around the ring like a woman on a mission and I had a hard time keeping a straight face as I scurried to keep up with her. She was awarded her first point at that show, defeating her kennel mate, who needed but 1 single to complete her championship. It tickles me that this attitude of self-importance seems to be so strong, genetically! Gracie completed her title with her third major, a 5 pointer won at the North Central Illinois Pekingese Club specialty. She is the dam of Chs Muhlin Make Believe and Muhlin Most Likely, and granddam of Ch Gadabout Godiva of Muhlin.

Gracie's Pedigree

Muhlin Aughra ("Onesie")

   By: Am Phil Grand Ch Dreamville Duke Ellington         Ex: Ch Muhlin Honorable Miss

Little "Onesie" is our miracle. She is proof that you should NEVER give up when a baby is desperately sick. She and I were nearly joined at the hip for four weeks while she fought bacterial pneumonia, and I tried to come up with whatever support she needed on any given day. Finally at just under 6 weeks of age, she absolutely HAD to have her right eye removed because the infection had traveled to that eye. My beloved vets sent us to the Vet School at the U of MO as an emergency, and they somehow managed to intubate her safely for the surgery when she weighed a mere 21 ounces). I brought her home as soon as she was awake and spent one more night on the couch keeping vigil. The very next day, she taught herself to lap from a dish, and I couldn't do a thing but watch her and cry like a baby! I cannot begin to describe her personality accurately. She joyfully bosses ALL the others around (and they are just fine with that) and has to date not met a person she didn't think was absolutely stupendous.

Onesie's Pedigree


"Misha" in Laura's arms

Ch Laro Boomerang of Muhlin
By: Ch Muhlin Molotov       Ex: Royal's Shimmering Stardust

"Misha" had a short but exciting journey to her championship. She very much resembles a composite of her parents and it's a look we love!


Misha's Pedigree

Ch Muhlin Sweet Charity ("Charity") finishing at 11 months

By: Ch Muhlin Monopoly                            Ex: Ch Laro Lickety Split

Charity is from a litter of four (her littermates Faith, Hope and Lucky {Chai Tea}) are pictured on our "Extended Family" page) that was a dream come true for us because their sire was 13+ years old when they were born!! AKC has "rules" for registering a litter when one or both parents is 12 years old or older, but after following the directives, we were pleased with how promptly the litter application was processed.  We are very, VERY pleased with each of these "babies" and as time goes on, they are fulfilling their early promise! Chai Tea is loved to death, Faith has her first major, Hope needs only a handful of single points and Charity finished (like her mother . . . in her underwear!!) with 3 BIG majors before her first birthday! Charity has had one litter . . . three pretty girls by Ch Laro Artful Dodger. Marlo and Toddie both completed their championships and Jenny needed 5 singles when she decided that showing wasn't her thing.

Charity's Pedigree


Muffet receiving a group 2 under breeder judge Carol Kniebusch Noe while working toward her Grand Championship


and . . . completing her grand championship in a huge way by being awarded a specialty BIS under judge Peter Green

GrCh Muhlin Miss Muffet

 By: Muhlin War Paint                                     Ex: Ch Muhlin Bo Peep

Our hearts definitely belong to Muffet! Not only is she lovely, she is a joy to live with as well. Endlessly cheerful, she makes showing so much fun. I can always depend upon her sweetness, regardless of the situation. Her litter brother, Mizzou (Ch Muhlin Mizzou) also remains here with us, her litter sister Biddie (Ch Muhlin Lucy's Locket) is with Wendy and Dan Fischer and her other litter brother Scooter (Ch Muhlin Mascoutah) is with Pam Vanderpool and Robert Denis. Their photos are on our "Extended Family" page.


Muffet's Pedigree

Ch Laro Fancee Me of Muhlin

By: Muhlin War Paint ROM                                   Ex: Phil Ch Dreamville Proud Mary

Sweet, calm, always dependable in the show ring, Fancee was always fun to have along with us in the ring and in the motel. She is equally easy to live with except for the fact that she is selectively deaf. She goes out and comes back in when SHE wants to, not necessarily when everyone else here is going out or coming in. Small price to pay!

Fancee's pedigree

Laro Painted Lady of Muhlin (Lady)
at a year of age

By: Muhlin War Paint ROM SOE                  Ex: Harvey's Haiku of Laro 'N Muhlin

Lady is one of the crew here and enjoying herself immensely. She has 7 points toward her title, but since she spends more time without undercoat than ready for the ring, she is very good at helping her buddies get the points! She produced Ch Muhlin Back In Black in her first litter, so we are very pleased.


Lady's Pedigree


Gadabout Godiva of Muhlin

 By: Ch Muhlin Mascoutah                                     Ex: Muhlin Michelle

Co-bred by Pam Vanderpool, Diva came to us just before the Christmas rush and since she was very much between puppy and adult coats at the time, we just enjoyed her. She wasn't here long before she decided that her shadow was her new best friend and she knew exactly where to find that friend at any given time of day. Cloudy days confused her, but she nevertheless enjoyed racing around looking for her missing friend. She went to her first show in February and completed her title in May (and we were NOT out every weekend by any means. I'm very much looking forward to seeing her children and hopefully that will happen next year.


Diva's pedigree