Ch Muhlin Doo Wah at 2 months

Ch Muhlin Doo Wah
By: Ch Muhlin Monopoly ROM, SOD         Ex: Ch Muhlin Bibelot

Doo Wah is, like his parents, very self-assured and quite often stubborn. He also has a very well-developed sense of humor and he keeps us smiling. We are pleased with the way he has matured, and we are looking forward to seeing his children! His first litter (out of Am Can Ch Lionheart Oriental Poppy, who was bred by Gail Forsythe and is owned by Anita Riley) was four very pretty daughters, two of whom already have their Canadian titles. This bodes well for the future we hope!

Doo Wah's Pedigree

Muhlin War Paint ROM

By: Am Phil Hall of Fame Ch Dreamville Duke Ellington              Ex: Ch Muhlin Dust Bunny

Surprise . . . a particolor!! Fizz is from Bunny's only litter and he has kept us shaking our heads and smiling. As a youngster, he had what we would call a "short fuse" (hence his call name), protecting his toys and meals from real and imagined interlopers. As he has grown up, however, he has left that behavior behind and seems to have replaced it with a wonderfully silly sense of humor. He has his first six points toward his title, but due to a broken jaw, suffered when I fell with him in my arms, (thanks to a hole in what looked like level grass at a dog show) those will be his only points. He has so far sired eleven champions (and thus is only one champion away from earning his PCA Sire Of Distinction and his PA Sire Of Honor awards).

Fizz's Pedigree

Ch Muhlin Mizzou

By: Muhlin War Paint                         Ex: Ch Muhlin Bo Peep

Muffet and Mizzou (and their littermates Biddie and Scooter, who are pictured on our "Extended Family" page) were all so nice that we kept pinching ourselves. All four gained their championships and both Scooter and Mizzou each finished with five majors (!!).

Mizzou's Pedigree



Ch Romiche Heart Throb of Muhlin
at 5 months
By: Can Ch Romiche My Foolish Heart               Ex: Ch Muhlin Sweet Talk of Dreamville

Co-bred with our good friend Micheline Pigeon, "Stuey" is not only beautiful, he is a riot! He LOVES my feet/shoes/sandals and trying to do ANYthing when he is underfoot means that I'd better keep my wits about me (or I'll end up being royally tripped!). Stuey's littermates have their Canadian titles and can be seen on our "Extended Family" page.

Stuey's pedigree

Ch Muhlin Most Likely
at 10 months
By: Ch Muhlin Doo Wah               Ex: Ch Muhlin Saving Grace

Gracie seems to pass her supreme cheerfulness and self-confidence along to her children. And since both Gracie and Doo Wah are Monopoly children, Fuji looks eerily like him thus far. He completed his title with four majors as an 11 month old and we are STILL hoping that he starts to dump some of his coat. He and I would both appreciate it if grooming didn't take so blooming long!

Fuji's pedigree


Pequest Numba Wun Sun
at a year of age
By: Ch Pequest Charlie Chan               Ex: Pequest Sanibel Sunshine

WunSun is such a joy to live with. If I could use only one word to describe his approach to everything, it would be "agreeable". He is such a good sport, so polite with all the others, and so reliable at shows. We just love him to death and thank David for generously allowing him to come home with me!


WunSun's Pedigree

Ch Muhlin Back In Black of Laro
at 12 months
By: Ch Muhlin Doo Wah               Ex: Laro Painted Lady of Muhlin

Diddy is as sweet and as happy as his parents are, and he was so easy to train that I worried he'd be a nightmare at his first show. Even though all the smells in a horse arena confused him at first, he went with me through the dirt (and whatever else was in that dirt!) with tail up, trusting that I wouldn't take him anywhere that he couldn't handle. He has continued to have this attitude about pretty much everything, bless his heart. He completed his title with 4 and 5 point majors!

Diddy's pedigree