Ch Muhlin Morticia of Dreamville ROM
By: Ch Muhlin Monopoly       Ex: Phil Ch Dreamville Dark Crystal

Ah, "Tish". What can I say other than that I adore her! She is small and she feels that she is queen of all she surveys. She completed her championship easily and  on the occasion of her one and only time out as a champion, she was awarded BOS at Westminster KC. She has had two litters and is now retired from motherhood. Her first was a litter of three by Betty Tilley's great producer, Ch. Kushan Gold Ransom Of Pekehuis, and all three children are of the highest calibre. In this litter, her daughter, Ch. Muhlin Gilded Lily completed her title with a specialty BOW, her son, Ch Muhlin Filibuster went all the way to BISS with his new owners (Duane and Sue Royer) at his very first show and her second son, Am Phil Ch Muhlin Molotov, finished with four major wins. Tish's second litter (by Ch. Lon-Du Striding Forward) contained only one puppy, but we felt extremely blessed as Tish had been treated for pyometra the year before. Feeling as we do about the blacks, we were ecstatic that her single puppy was  a black girl, Biba (Ch Muhlin Bibelot), who has definitely inherited her mother's sense of self -importance!  She is now adored by Richard and she LOVES not having to "share" him with anyone!


Tish's Pedigree

Ch Dreamville Sweet 'N Low ROM DOE
By: Ch Muhlin Monopoly BIS BISS ROD           Ex: Am Phil Gr Ch Dreamville Rare 'N Precious

"Lola", bred by Dr. Ray Lo and co-owned with him, completed her championship so quickly that we were left thinking that perhaps we were dreaming! She was WB and Best Puppy in Show at the Progressive KC and Best of Winners two days later at our winter National Specialty. She finished a scant two weeks later with major number three at the International KC. She has been shown twice as a special and was awarded Specialty BOS at both the Derbytown and the North Central Illinois Pekingese Clubs. Her first son is Ch Muhlin Buzzword of Dreamville (by Phil Ch Muhlin Molotov) , her second son is Ch Muhlin Da Vinci of Dreamville (by Am. Can Ch. Taeplace Monet) and her third son (by Am Phil Gr Ch Yakee Yearn For Me) is Phil Gr Ch Muhlin Adamant of Dreamville. And bless her heart, after four years of no babies, Lola presented us with one final litter of three. Two boys and a girl, sired by Kistler's Troubadour. All three puppies are of the highest calibre and we hope all will complete their championships (Sweetie, Shorty and Lowen are pictured on our "hopefuls" page). Lola is now in her new home with a Bobby, who is Richard's brother. She and Tish have renewed their old "friendship" and are chasing chipmunks together in Bobby's gorgeous gardens!


Lola's Pedigree

Tish and Lola lounging on the couch with Bobby. We just love the way Tish's mask is reversing its color as she "matures". The full set of white eyelashes is hysterical. Tish is too much the tomboy to tolerate bows in her hair, but first Sherrie and now Lola love the girlie stuff!

Am Phil Gr Ch Dreamville Rogue in Gold
By: Phil Gr Ch Muhlin Cartel of Dreamville        Ex: Dreamville Venus Rising

Rogie, who is bred by Dr. Ray Lo and owned by Eleuther Hesed, completed his championship with four majors and became the second from this Philippine bred litter to gain an American title.

Rogie's Pedigree

Ch Muhlin Filibuster
By: Ch Kushan Gold Ransom of Pekehuis   Ex: Ch Muhlin Morticia of Dreamville ROM

"Buster" was bred and whelped here and was purchased as a puppy by Duane and Sue Royer. At his very first show, he went all the way to a Specialty BIS. After gaining several additional points, he decided that the noise of dog shows was not his cup of tea. Since he was only a major shy of his championship, we all hoped that as he grew up, he'd change his mind! While he never said "Hoo boy, a dog show and I'm sooo excited",  he DID show well under a judge who felt he was one of the best Pekes she'd ever judged, and he finished when there was a major entry in each sex! Those who've seen or been over him  have all felt he is a really special boy. I know he is also from a truly wonderful litter where all three completed their championships. Sue and Duane finished his black daughter "Lacey", who actually enjoyed dog shows!

Buster's Pedigree

Ch Royal's Dandy Man Can
By: Ch Muhlin Monopoly      Ex: Ch Royal's Heavenly Angel

Ah Dandy. What can I say? I showed him to his title for his breeder/owner, Sue Royer, and he was a joy. He finished with three majors while still a puppy, and I feel he is one of the best Monopoly children yet.

Dandy's Pedigree

Ch Royal's Crown Jewel
By: Ch Carr's Heree's Luc   Ex: Ch Royal's Heavenly Angel

"Julie" was co-owned with her breeder (Sue Royer) since she was a baby. She completed her title easily while still in the puppy class and has given us one litter (by Ch Muhlin Monopoly) containing two boys. One son, Ch. Muhlin Bijou, completed his title as a puppy and the other, Ch Royal's Golden Prince (owned and shown by Debbie Cole), recently completed HIS title, receiving four majors along the way! Sadly, this was to be Julie's only litter, but she is healthy and sweet and should have many good years ahead of her.

Julie's Pedigree

Ch Muhlin Bijou
By: Ch Muhlin Monopoly       Ex: Ch Royal's Crown Jewel

BJ completed his championship while still a puppy. Along the way, he was awarded two  specialty Bests in Sweeps, a specialty major and a Group IV. He is one of the dearest dogs we've ever known.

BJ's Pedigree

Ch Muhlin Buzzword Of Dreamville
By: Ch Muhlin Molotov        Ex: Ch Dreamville Sweet 'N Low ROM DOE
Our beloved Hurley is now with good friend Ann Kallal, who also has Lola's litter brother, Max. The sting of separation is taken away by the fact that Ann is so good about keeping in touch to let us know how both Hurley AND Max are doing!


Hurley's Pedigree

By: Ch Muhlin Monopoly      Ex: Am Phil Ch Dreamville Queen of Soul

Mimeo is from "Aretha's" first litter of three. The bitch Ray took as his pick from this litter (Phil Ch Muhlin Mantra of Dreamville), completed her Philippine title as a puppy. The bitch I kept (Ch Muhlin Mirage of Dreamville) finished just before she had her first birthday. Mimeo enjoyed his first shows here with us and won his puppy class each day. Shortly thereafter he went to his new family and he is thoroughly enjoying the life of a beloved house pet.


Mimeo's Pedigree

Am Phil Gr Ch Dreamville Fast Forward
By: Am Phil Gr Ch Lon-Du Striding Forward      Ex: Phil Ch Dreamville Careless Whisper

"Wardy" is owned by his breeder, Christine Lo. Ray brought Wardy to the States in the fall of '05 and after we did some remedial "ring-training 101" here at home, he finished very quickly. He was awarded three majors enroute to his title, and one came in conjunction with a Specialty Best In Show when he was barely 12 months old. Wardy is small and extremely thickset. He moves with the slight effortless roll that we, as breeders, always hope to see ,and his disposition is delightful in every way. His first litter is now eight months old, and all three are pictured under our "Hopefuls" and "Extended Family" links!


Wardy's Pedigree

Muhlin Phideaux
By: Ch Dreamville Fast Forward   Ex: Ch Muhlin Mirage of Dreamville

"Fido" is having a wonderful time with his new family in New York City! I can just picture him running with his Mom and Dad in Central Park when the fall foliage is so brilliant.

Fido's Pedigree

Ch Muhlin Magdalene of Dreamville
By: Ch Muhlin Da Vinci of Dreamville   Ex: Ch Dreamville Queen of Soul

Maggie is Ray's girl from our only Vinnie litter. She is a sweet and happy showgirl and finished with three majors as a puppy. She, like her sister Lisa, is a black smoke and we're hard pressed to tell the two sisters apart when they're on the run in the back yard!

Maggie's Pedigree

"Kipling" on the occasion of his second birthday!

Muhlin Memory of Dreamville
By: Ch Muhlin Da Vinci of Dreamville   Ex: Ch Dreamville Queen of Soul

"Kip" has made himself at home with Dale and Deborah!!! He is so "in tune" with the people in his life that he seems
more human than canine!


Kip's Pedigree


Ch Dreamville Queen of Soul
By: Phil Ch Muhlin Cartel Of Dreamville      Ex: Dreamville Lunar Eclipse

"Aretha" is another of Dr. Ray Lo's homebreds and she too was co-owned with us until she went back to the Philippines with Ray in February of 2007. While she was with us, she completed her title with the above win and in her first litter, sired by her grandsire Ch Muhlin Monopoly, produced Phil Gr Ch Muhlin Mantra of Dreamville for Ray and Ch Muhlin Mirage of Dreamville for me. Aretha's second litter (by Ch Muhlin Da Vinci of Dreamville) is lovely and already contains two Champions (Ray's girl, Ch Muhlin Magdalene of Dreamville and Ch Muhlin King Coal of Dreamville). All four in this litter are pictured either on our "Hopefuls" or our "Extended Family" pages. We hope that Aretha has many more lovely puppies in store for Ray!


Aretha's Pedigree

Am Phil Gr Ch Yakee Yearn For Me
By: Eng Ch Yakee The Young Eagle Calls      Ex: Yakee A Real Pearl

"Adam" had a brief but exciting show career, capped by gaining his American title with a Specialty BIS from the 6-9 mo. puppy class. He is co-owned with good friend and Pekingese collaborator, Dr. Raymundo W. Lo. During the year he spent with Ray, he gained his Philippine Grand Championship and became the first Pekingese in thirty-five years to be awarded an all-breed BIS there!! He has just gone back to Manila with Ray after having spent two years here with us again. His daughters from Ch Royal's Shimmering Stardust ( Muhlin Dust Bunny and Royal's Sweeter than Sugar ) both completed their championships as puppies and each has given us lovely children.


Adam's Pedigree

By: Ch Muhlin Bezique of Dreamville      Ex: Ch Royal's Gabriel

Purchased from Duane and Sue Royer as a puppy by Nisha Coons and Karen Rolson, "Maji" had an exciting show career. She was awarded several group placements and also enjoyed the distinction of having been awarded Best of Opposite Sex at the Pekingese Club of America Rotating national specialty in the fall of 2002. We are very proud of Maji and our hats are off to Nisha and Karen for doing it all themselves!

Maji's Pedigree

CH Dianspeed's Delight
By: Am Phil Gr Ch Dreamville Fast Forward          Ex: Ch Muhlin Holly Go Notso Lightly CD RN

"Mei Mei" is from a litter of three that I co-bred with Dian Thomas (who put all the titles on Holly and now owns her outright). Holly came here to be bred and to have and raise her final litter. And she had a lovely litter at that! Dian's puppy from this litter is Mei Mei, who recently completed her championship! Ch Muhlin Honorable Miss (my puppy from this litter) is very much like Mei Mei, and thrillingly she was awarded three 4 point majors in a row and then a month later was BOW at the Texas Specialty to finish with 4 four point majors! 

Mei Mei's Pedigree

Ch Royal's Sweeter Than Sugar

By: Am Phil Gr Ch Yakee Yearn for Me               Ex: Ch Royal's Shimmering Stardust

This is Sue Royer's pick from our co-owned litter. Both girls in this litter were pointed as puppies. Sugar and Bunny each finished with three majors, and it was a race from start to finish, as they earned their titles barely a week apart!


Sugar's Pedigree


Muhlin Mona Lisa of Dreamville DOE
By: Ch Muhlin Da Vinci of Dreamville           Ex: Ch Dreamville Queen of Soul

Lisa and her sister (Ray's girl, Ch Muhlin Magdalene of Dreamville) were, as puppies, both what we would call black smokes. That has changed as they replaced their puppy coat with adult coat, but they each have the "silver trace" in their skirts and tails! Lisa has taken a back seat to whoever else I've been showing with her, but hopefully she'll be out again later and enjoying her share of the spotlight! She has been a wonderful mother to each of her families and she has produced five champions from the breedings to Ch Muhlin Confidante.


Lisa's Pedigree

Muhlin Peter Piper ("Max")

By: Am Phil Ch Yakee Yearn for Me          Ex: Ch Muhlin Bo Peep

Max is owned by the Seley's, who live nearby. He is pictured here after having his summer haircut. We think the groomer did a lovely job of making the trim look natural!!

Max's Pedigree

Muhlin Bobby Shaftoe ("Bobby")

By: Am Phil Ch Yakee Yearn for Me             Ex: Ch Muhlin Bo Peep

Pictured here after having won his first point, Bobby is now with Gene Hinson and Randy Ferguson. He is the embodiment of joi de vivre, and we are still missing his cheerful way of doing everything.

Bobby's Pedigree

Ch Muhlin King Coal of Dreamville
By: Ch Muhlin Da Vinci of Dreamville   Ex: Ch Dreamville Queen of Soul

KC is now owned by Helana Kusala and is enjoying himself immensely! He is a proud papa as well . . . two boys and two girls and two of the four have majors toward their titles!


KC's Pedigree

Ch Laro Eye of the storm by Muhlin ("Ike")

By: Ch Muhlin Confidante                          Ex: Muhlin Mona Lisa of Dreamville DOE

Ike is just about everything I've ever held dear in a Pekingese. He is owned by his co-breeders Laura and Roy Harrison and was a blast for Laura to show enroute to his title. I finished his litter sister ("Debbie", Ch Muhlin Debutante of Laro) with 4 majors as a baby (she is on our "Girls" page). He is also now a papa and we are very pleased with the way his children look!


Ike's Pedigree

Phil Hall of Fame Am Ch Dreamville Duke Ellington
By: Phil Hall of Fame Dreamville Count Basie        Ex: Phil Ch Jadewoods Radiant Virtue

Bred and owned by our good friend Ray Lo, "Duke" is the product of a breeding based on litter brothers Phil Hall of Fame Muhlin Cartel of Dreamville (sire of Count Basie) and Am Ch Muhlin Bezique of Dreamville (sire of Radiant Virtue). These two boys are from the all champion litter out of BISS Phil Grand Am Ch Dreamville Sun Goddess and by BISA/BISS Am Ch and Sire of Distinction Muhlin Monopoly. "Duke" completed his Philippine championship at 6 months and 2 weeks of age and his American championship in two weekends each a month apart. He was just 9 months old when he became an Am Ch. Duke was only with us in the US for three months, so we are thrilled to have two linebred litters by him!


Duke's Pedigree

Muhlin Mafia at 11 months
By: Ch Muhlin Monopoly BIS BISS SOD                   Ex: Muhlin Mona Lisa of Dreamville DOE

Mafi is a heartbreaker, but she is well and full of beans again. A week after this photo was taken, she suddenly became very ill and had to have emergency surgery to save her life. Since she is now spayed, her show career is over and she will never bless us with beautiful babies. However, she is now the "queen of the world" with her new family, and loving it. I had worried because she and I were so attached to each other, but she transferred her love to the Elvidges much more quickly than I learned to live with the huge hole she had left in my heart! This is a good thing, even though I have to convince my heart that it is so!

Mafia's Pedigree

Ch Muhlin Eddy Duchin

By: Am Ch Phil Hall of Fame Ch Dreamville Duke Ellington      Ex: Ch Muhlin Honorable Miss

Laura and Roy Harrison who piloted Dutchie to his title from the puppy class and he is now in his last wonderful home with friends of the Harrisons.

Dutchie's Pedigree

Muhlin Charlie Parker

By: Am Ch Phil Hall of Fame Dreamville Duke Ellington        Ex: Ch Muhlin Honorable Miss

Parker is owned by long-time friends Louise Harden, Lynn Schultz and Gloria Jones, who are having fun with him while awaiting maturity before showing him seriously.

Parker's Pedigree

Muhlin Buddy Bolden

By: Am Ch Phil Hall of Fame Dreamville Duke Ellington              Ex: Ch Muhlin Honorable Miss

Buddy is owned by yet another friend, Jackie Boas-Freiberg, who along with her husband has discovered just how sweet he is
about EVERYthing. He is greatly missed here!

Buddy's Pedigree

Muhlin Sonny Rollins

By: Am Ch Phil Hall of Fame Dreamville Duke Ellington             Ex: Ch Muhlin Dust Bunny

"Sonny" is owned by Sandy Rhoads and Ken Kreinbrink and is loving the "good life" with his good bud "Middy".

Sonny's Pedigree

Ch Muhlin Gilded Lily
By: Ch Kushan Gold Ransom Of Pekehuis                 Ex: Ch Muhlin Morticia Of Dreamville ROM

Small and conceited like her mother (Ch Morticia), Lily is captivating. She completed her title with a Best of Winners specialty win under breeder judge Ms. Sandy Wheat and has been enjoying a life of privilege since then! Lily has blessed us with a lovely daughter, Gracie (Ch Muhlin Saving Grace), who is very much like her mother in attitude (i.e. "I AM the center of the universe!"). Lily is happily ensconced in her new home and now truly IS the center of the universe!

Lily's Pedigree

 Ch Muhlin Gotcha
(8 wks)
       Ch Muhlin Bodacious (finishing)

Muhlin Here's the Deal  

By: Kistler's Troubadour                           Ex: Ch Muhlin Debutante of Laro

Ch Muhlin Gotcha is in his new home with Judy Brody and finished his championship with back-to-back majors! Bo is in her new home with Duane and Sue, friends of many years. She finished with a BOB over a champion. AND, Dealio is in his new home with Aimee and having all sorts of new experiences with her gang. I'm receiving regular progress reports, which makes my sense of loss much easier to bear!

Gotcha, Bo and Dealio's pedigree

Ch Muhlin Low 'N Behold of Dreamville ("Lowen")

By: Kistler's Troubadour ROM SOE            Ex: Ch Dreamville Sweet 'N Low  ROM DOE   

Lowen is now happily here and growing out his haircut. He garnered a Group 2 from the classes while he was working toward his championship as a puppy, but he could care less! He is the sweetest of boys and other than the grooming time necessary (he has an inordinate amount of coat), he is oh so easy to live with!

Lowen's Pedigree

By: Ch Dreamville Fast Forward        Ex: Ch Muhlin Mirage of Dreamville

Like her aunts "Tish", "Lily" and "Biba", "Lucy" feels that she is the center of the universe. That attitude is WONDERFUL in the show ring, and fortunately she enjoys all the other Pekes here at home. She was always handed off to strangers after winning her Bred-By class when shown as a puppy, since I stayed with Ray's Maggie when we were competing for the points. Lucy finished quickly with a three point and two four point majors when I was finally able to do her justice in the ring, even though she was very much between puppy and adult coats by then. Lucy is greatly loved by her owner, Mary and the feeling is definitely mutual.


Lucy's Pedigree

Muhlin Gracie's Little Miss

By: Ch Muhlin Short 'N Sweet of Dreamville            Ex: Ch Muhlin Saving Grace

Missy is one of Gracie's two Shorty daughters. Her litter sister, Michelle, is  pictured on our "Youngsters" page. Missy is a captivating sweetheart and just loves being the center of all attention with her new family!


Missy's Pedigree

Muhlin Have A Little Faith ("Faith") at 6 months
By: Ch Muhlin Monopoly                            Ex: Ch Laro Lickety Split

Faith is from "Buzz's" final litter and we were/are so pleased with all four. Faith is now owned by our friend Linda Hayes (who also owns "Perry"), and she is doing beautifully!

Faith's Pedigree

Muhlin Filled With Hope ("Hope") at 5 months

By: Ch Muhlin Monopoly SOD                 Ex: Ch Laro Lickety Split

Hope is, like her sisters, pointed toward her championship. She has both majors and needs something like six singles now. She took time out to free-whelp a lovely litter of two girls and was a devoted mother. She is co-owned with Laura and Roy Harrison and Zoe Norris.

Hope's Pedigree

Muhlin Lucky Man ("Lucky Chai Tea")

By: Ch Muhlin Monopoly SOD                         Ex: Ch Laro Lickety Split

Chai Tea is always ready for fun and adventure and he is very happily ensconced with Tom and Shirley Campbell and their three Pekes (one of whom is pictured directly below).

Lucky's Pedigree



Laro Paint the Town of Muhlin (Petey)
at a year and a half

By: Muhlin War Paint ROM SOE                      Ex: Harvey's Haiku of Laro 'N Muhlin

Petey has fit right in with Chai Tea and Frankie and it is wonderful to see how much they enjoy each other's company. Hard to believe they didn't grow up together!

Petey's pedigree


Ch Muhlin Honorable Miss at 9 months

By: Am Phil Gr Ch Dreamville Fast Forward       Ex: Ch Muhlin Holly Go Notso Lightly CD RN

"Missy" is from Holly's final litter of three. She has been a joy and in only a handful of shows, she completed her championship with four 4 point majors (including a Specialty Best in Sweepstakes and a Specialty Best of Winners) at  not quite 10 months of age. Her sister "Mei Mei" (Dianspeed's Delight) is owned and shown by Dian Thomas, who co-owned Holly and co-bred this litter with me. Mei Mei also completed her title and was awarded a specialty Best of winners en route! Their brother "Copi" (Muhlin Copernicus of Dianspeed) owns and loves a wonderful couple  nearby.  Mei Mei and Copi can be seen on our "Extended Family" page. Missy is bred to Ray Lo's beautiful boy, Am Phil Ch Dreamville Duke Ellington (his photo and pedigree may also be seen on our "Extended Family" page). Duke was with us briefly so that we could put the last few points on him to complete his American championship. We were very pleased with Missy's litter of four, and have kept "Onesie" here with us. Missy now lives with her co-breeder and is working on obedience and Rally titles these days!! She has also had one more baby (sired by our Fizz) who gained his championship while still just a baby!


Missy' Pedigree

Muhlin Murphy's Law

By: Ch Muhlin Confidante ROM SOE                     Ex: Ch Muhlin Saving Grace

A Gracie son!! Murphy is young yet, but he seems to have his mother's "I am 'it' and you simply cannot resist me" attitude. We were smitten, but so was Debbie Clemens. Murph journeyed to Virginia with Debbie, changed his name to "Ching", and loves being the subject of the oohs and aahs when people see him. Life is good, although it was very sad and quiet here while we adjusted to the change. He has several points toward his championship, but could care less now.


Murphy's Pedigree

Ch Laro Lickety Split ("Kitty")

   By: Ch Laro Eye of the Storm By Muhlin               Ex: Laro Sparkle A Plenty

Kitty was always a bigger than life personality here and she "did" motherhood in the same fashion (free-whelped litter of 4, 2 of whom are pointed and a third who has completed her championship). She now owns Carmen Blankenship and has made herself right at home again in Texas!!


Kitty's Pedigree

Ch Muhlin Sweet Talk of Dreamville

By: Kistler's Troubadour ROM SOE            Ex: Ch Dreamville Sweet 'N Low ROM SOE


Our beloved Lola daughter now lives in Canada with Micheline and Don Pigeon. Sweetie continues to live up to her name and is always very easy to have around. Micheline assures me that she still has to do her "laps" around the backyard every morning even on "snow days"!! All three in her first litter (by Can Ch Romiche My Foolish Heart) are well on their way to either Canadian or American championships and she is currently raising a beautiful chun red daughter from the repeat breeding.


Sweetie's Pedigree

Am Can Ch Wendessa In Roxanne's Honor (Roquette)

By: Muhlin War Paint                             Ex: Ch Pequest Saffron

Bred and owned by Wendy and Dan Fischer, close friends of long standing, Roquette is pictured completing her Canadian championship on June 25th, 2011 (shown exclusively in Canada by Roxanne Pigeon's Mother, Micheline). Shown sparingly in both countries, she finished very quickly.


Roquette's Pedigree

Muhlin Othello and Laro Little Dickens

"Odie" and "Ming" are the best of buds and live with Maryann not too far away. We think she's doing a lovely job with them, especially with keeping their considerable puppy coats looking spiffy! Maryann is also very good about keeping me updated!



Ch Muhlin Lucy Locket at 6 mos

By: Muhlin War Paint ROM SOE                    Ex: Ch Muhlin Bo Peep

Biddie, Biddie, Biddie!! You'd have to see her react to being called like this to appreciate it. She is small, she is joyful and she is a BIG personality. She is with Wendy and Dan Fischer now and although she is a champion now, she still feels that socializing is her mission at shows. One of her favorite pastimes is directing the deer traffic outside her backyard. She is surely missed here, but knowing firsthand how Wendy and Dan do things, we know she wants for nothing!


Biddie's Pedigree

Ch Muhlin Mascoutah at 6 mos

By: Muhlin War Paint ROM SOE                        Ex: Ch Muhlin Bo Peep

"Scooter" is without a doubt one of the most joyful Pekingese we've ever been around. He was a breeze to show train and when I took him to his first show, he acted like a little kid who'd been taken to the circus! He was awarded BOW that day and started his "career" with a major. He is now co-owned by Pam Vanderpool and Robert Denis and he lives in AZ with Pam. She has taken him to five shows herself and he has won each time. Scooter completed his title with five majors!


Scooter's Pedigree

Ch Laro War Party of Muhlin (Shiloh)
at not quite 9 months of age

By: Muhlin War Paint ROM SOE                      Ex: Harvey's Haiku of Laro 'N muhlin

Shiloh is with longtime friends Wendy and Dan Fischer and he LOVES their set up! He finished his championship while still a puppy, he is on the verge of siring the fourth Wendessa champion from his very first litter and we are of course thrilled!


Shiloh's Pedigree

Ch Laro War Party of Muhlin, Laro Painted Lady of Muhlin, and Laro Wee Pinto of Muhlin
not quite 6 months old

By: Muhlin War Paint ROM SOE                        Ex: Harvey's Haiku of Laro 'N Muhlin

And here we are together. On the right is "Buttercup", who is with Ruth and Wayne West. She is all sweetness and light and totally irresistible we think.

Ch Muhlin All The Bells

     By: Kistler's Troubadour ROM SOE            Ex: Ch Muhlin Debutante of Laro

Bella completed her championship at the age of 9 1/2 months of age and entirely from the Bred-By-Exhibitor class. Unfortunately for us, she stopped growing before she was big enough for us to feel it would be safe to breed her, BUT she is now the reigning queen at our friend BJ's home and they are having a blast together. Bella ALWAYS felt she should be the center of attention and now all of her dreams have come true!

Bella's Pedigree


Muhlin Buckaroo
not quite 4 months old

By: Muhlin War Paint ROM SOE                         Ex: Ch Muhlin Debutante

Parting with Buckaroo was very difficult, but he is surely brightening Darlene and Ken's home and lives. Darlene is so good about keeping me posted on the cute things he's doing and that helps us to get used to the separation.

Buckaroo's Pedigree

Muhlin Banzai
5 months

By: Muhlin War Paint                                   Ex: Ch Muhlin Debutante of Laro

Banzai and his litter brother, Buckaroo are happily in their forever homes. Banzai lives with Debra and Bob on the East coast and  Buckaroo owns Darlene and Ken and is running their home very efficiently her thinks! They can be seen on our "Extended Family" page.

Banzai's pedigree


Romiche Heartbreaker of Muhlin               Romiche Sweet Heart of Muhlin
5 months
By: Can Ch Romiche My Foolish Heart              Ex: Ch Muhlin Sweet Talk of Dreamville

Blaze on the left and Misha on the right. Co-bred with our good friend Micheline Pigeon, we think they are very promising indeed! Plus, thanks to this collaboration, I was able to visit Don and Micheline and to bring Misha and Blaze's litter brother Stuey home with me!!

Misha and Blaze's pedigree

Ch Muhlin Short 'N Sweet of Dreamville

By: Kistler's Troubadour             Ex: Ch Dreamville Sweet 'N Low ROM

Shorty finished by winning majors at two specialties. We have kept Muhlin Michelle from his first litter (out of Ch Muhlin Saving Grace) and her co-owner (Pam Vanderpool) and I have high hopes for her.


Shorty's Pedigree

Phil Ch Palacegarden Omar

By: Eng Ch Palacegarden Osric                      Ex: Palacegarden Phoebe

Omar was imported from his breeders, Jim and Jean Smith in the UK. He is beautifully constructed, has a calm and sweet way of approaching new experiences, and he has a very open face with plenty of room for his features. Omar is presently with Ray Lo in the Philippines  and he has been producing well with Ray's girls.

Omar's Pedigree



Laro War Bonnet of Muhlin (Netty)
5 months

By: Muhlin War Paint                                   Ex: Harvey's Haiku of Laro 'N Muhlin


Oh, has this litter been a joy. Roy, Laura and I all love particolors and we just couldn't resist this breeding!! We had no idea that we would be blessed with five puppies and that they would all be partis, so we did a whole lot of pinching ourselves for a bit. Still waiting for current photos of "our two", but the three we've been persuaded to part with are pictured here on our "Extended Family" page. We're more than thrilled at how each of these babies is maturing!


Netty's pedigree


Muhlin Madeleine (Toddie at 5 mos)                                          Muhlin Magenta (Jenny at 6 mos)

By: Ch Laro Artful Dodger                                   Ex: Ch Muhlin Sweet Charity

A first litter for both Dodger and Charity and we couldn't be more pleased with the results! Three girls , all of whom are lovely. Toddie (named after the rock group "Big Head Todd" because her head was so big), and Marlo both completed their championships easily and Jenny needed only 5 singles when she was badly frightened at a show and decided she wanted no more of that! Marlo, Toddie and Jenny are greatly loved by their forever families.

Toddie and Jenny's pedigree

Ch Muhlin Debutante of Laro

By: Ch Muhlin Confidante ROM                  Ex: Muhlin Mona Lisa of Dreamville ROM

Debbie is from Dante's first litter and Lisa's second. Quite the producer Lisa is, with both Muhlin Mafia and Muhlin May Bee in her litter by Ch Monopoly! All three puppies (two girls and a boy) in Lisa's Dante litter (which was co-bred with Roy and Laura Harrison, who now own Lisa) look very promising, so we are very happy campers! Debbie was shown a total of 7 times to gain her title. She was WB or better at every show and finished with three majors. Her black litter brother, "Ike" (Ch Laro Eye of the Storm By Muhlin), gives us goose bumps and completed his championship easily. Debbie's first litter contained three champions, so she too is producing very well. She is now with her co-breeders, Laura and Roy Harrison and we hope she will bless us with one more litter!

Debbie's Pedigree

- at 6 months of age -

By: Ch Lon-Du Striding Forward   Ex: Ch Muhlin Morticia of Dreamville

Biba (a Bibelot is a small object of beauty or rarity....we think that fits her to a "T"!!) is very much like her mother, both in head AND in attitude (it's ALL about me and mine!), but she is bossy in a very endearing way! Biba handled shows exactly as her mother and half-sister Lily did...she checked out her surroundings when put down in the ring and then promptly decided it was HER ring! She also now weighs nearly 12 pounds, even though you'd never believe it until you actually pick her up! Biba's beautiful black son , Ch Muhlin Doo Wah, sired by her grandsire, Ch Muhlin Monopoly, completed his title easily and thus far has been producing very well. Now retired, Biba lives in an assisted living home and she LOVES having so many people lavish her with attention.

Biba's Pedigree

Phil Gr Ch Dreamville Proud Mary

By: Phil Gr Am Ch Muhlin Adamant of Dreamville                 Ex: Phil Ch JLO's Blessing to Dreamville

Mary has a wonderful outlook on life and seems to pass that "steadiness" on to her children. She has produced several Philippine champions and thus far three American champions as well.

Mary's Pedigree

The Littermates . . .

Muhlin Marquis Marigold                                    Ch Muhin Marquis In A Jiffy


Ch Muhlin Marquis Magnolia
By: Ch Muhlin Confidante ROM                           Ex: Laro Wee Pinto of Muhlin

These three are "Buttercup's first litter and Dante's last. Maggie and Jiffy finished their championships as puppies and Goldie was awarded her majors as a puppy as well. She then dumped her puppy coat and has been very slow to decide she will grow adult clothing! Maggie is co-owned with Barbara Streemke and has had two litters (two girls and a boy sired by her grandfather, "Fizz" and two girls sired by Ch Lon-Du Ven-Mar Armani) thus far. She is a wonderful mother and we're very proud of her. Goldie owns Louise Harden and Jiffy has joined Tom and Shirley Campbell's "herd"!!

Goldie, Jiffy and Maggie's Pedigree

 Ch Muhlin Make Believe

By: Ch Muhlin Doo Wah                 Ex: Ch Muhlin Saving Grace

To us, he'll always be "Levi", but to Deb and Ray Thompson, he is "Chindi! He began his show "career" by winning his majors his first weekend out (and beating his litter brother "Fuji" in the process!), and he completed his championship as a baby (and a month ahead of his litter brother) and is now working on his grand championship. He has produced several litters and thus far, all of his children have been black.

Chindi's Pedigree

Muhlin Michelle at 6 months

 By: Ch Muhlin Short 'N Sweet of Dreamville                              Ex: Ch Muhlin Saving Grace

Michelle is one of Gracie's two Shorty daughters. Her litter sister, Little Miss, is with her new family and she too is pictured on our "Extended Family" page. Michelle is all about striking poses and subtly letting us know that she is very bright and very independent. Show training was a challenge but to our delight, she will show for anyone who has a toy or some chicken for her! Michelle is now owned by Pam Vanderpool, who also owns Ch Muhlin Mascoutah ("Scooter" is also pictured on our "Extended Family" page) and I have Scooter and Michelle's daughter, Ch Gadabout Godiva of Muhlin, who finished her championship so quickly that if you blinked, you missed it!


Michelle's Pedigree

Fin Swed Nor Nord Int Ch Laro Sioux of Muhlin

at not quite a year of age

By: Muhlin War Paint ROM SOE                  Ex: Harvey's Haiku of Laro 'N Muhlin


Susie is a very special girl in many ways. She was only 5 singles from her American title when she went to live with Seija Jakobsson in Finland. She has been very successful in the show ring there and has had her first litter of five!! Her red son and daughter are here with us and Seija is showing her fawn son and her particolor daughter.


Susie's Pedigree


Justlin's Golden Bestseller

at not quite a year of age

By: Fin Ch Justlin's Wild Parti At Frawai                  Ex: Fin Ch Justlin's Golden Geisha


Such a dear, dear boy! "Finn" greeted each day with pure joy. Bred in Finland by Seija Jakobsson, Finn came to us in exchange for our beloved "Susie".

Finn's Pedigree


Ch Muhlin Marlo (at 7months)

By: Ch Laro Artful Dodger                                   Ex: Ch Muhlin Sweet Charity

Attitude, attitude, can you say ATTITUDE!! Marlo is full of the stuff and you can't help laughing at some of her antics, ALL designed to keep our eyes on her. She is now ecstatic to be the queen of her own family and I know this is what she has really wanted for a LOOONNNNG time!

Marlo's pedigree