As of January, 2004, this is our home, sweet home! We spent most of the summer of 2006 getting it ready to be stained. And we finally finished the staining just as fall was setting in! The exterior hadn't been touched in the over 25 years since the house was built, so there were MANY woodpecker and carpenter bee holes to be patched and what seemed like miles of caulk to be removed and replaced before we could even think of picking up our paint brushes!


We do not have a "kennel" as such.  We call it our "Peke room", and it is right under our bedroom in the finished walkout basement. Phil and I made the floor pens ourselves, and feel they are ideal for our Pekes. Since they were originally "custom" in our Illinois Peke room, I've had to reconfigure them to customize them for this differently sized and shaped room. This room was the completely unfinished section of the lower level when we moved in, and installing the ceramic tile flooring nearly did me in!! The guys love its coolness and it'll never wear out so I feel that my labor was well worth it!



Here is the grooming area in the new Peke room.



And here is another section of the Peke room. Once they are weaned, our puppies are raised in the kitchen with us so that they can be under foot and get used to noise, activity,  etc. They learn to go out to play with the adults well before they are introduced to their new quarters when they are roughly six months old.



Here is a section of the dog's backyard. There are raised levels that are bordered by see-through fencing (to prevent the kamikazes in the group from sailing off the edges) and they can choose between the carpeted ramp and the specially made steps in order to go from level to level. Great for building muscles while keeping their backs safe from injury on the way down!



Privacy nuts that we are, we LOVE the feeling that we're at a summer camp in the deep woods! The location also means that we are anywhere from 5 to 10 degrees cooler than St. Louis proper.



The gang enjoying a cool fall afternoon in the back yard!


More of the gang in another area of the yard.


And here is the new picketed exercise area we built right outside the front door. This has been great for our upstairs kids and for new mammas who don't want to be far from their babies even for potty breaks!