Pedigree for: Muhlin Tso 'N Tso
Breeder/Owner: Patricia G. Metzger

Ch Pequest General Tso BIS  Ch Pequest Devon BIS  Ch Yakee Easily Persuaded BIS  Eng Ch Yakee And Don't Forget It Eng Ch Livanda Santana
Eng Ch Yakee Forget Me Not
Eng Ch Yakee Follow This Eng Ch Livanda Micklee Ginola
Yakee Charlotte
Ch Pequest Henny Penny  Ch Palacegarden Malachy BIS Palacegarden McCafferty
Palacegarden Tansy
Pequest Sweet Caroline Eng Am Ch Yakee If Only
Pequest Georgette
Pequest Sally Sunshine  Ch Palacegarden Malachy BIS  Palacegarden McCafferty Palacegarden Donovan
Livanda Gucci of Palacegarden
Palacegarden Tansy Eng Ch Palacegarden Sullivan
Palacegarden Saffron
Ch Pequest Little Miss Sunshine  Salilyn's Social Status Ch Briarcourt's Damien Gable SOD
Ch Pequest Social Butterfly
Ch Pequest Martha Ch Linn-Lee's St Martin BIS
Pequest April Showers
Ch Muhlin Saving Grace Ch Muhlin Monopoly, BIS, BISS, SOD Ch Shihgo Tittle Tattle To Toydom Eng Ch Shihgo Idle Gossip Eng Ch Tomdor Randolph of Singlewell
Shihgo Silver Gem
Shihgo Aurora Eng Ch Toydom Quite Outrageous
Shihgo Starina
Muhlin Anjali Am Can Ch Yakee A Town Called Malice BIS, BISS Eng Ch Yakee For Your Eyes Only
Yakee Modern Millie
Ch Muhlin Lorraine of Mehling Ch Muhlin Nonesuch of Mehling
Ch Muhlin Brie of Mehling
Ch Muhlin Gilded Lily Ch. Kushan Gold Ransom of Pekehuis SOD Eng Ch Tenling Golden Arrow of Pekehuis, SOD Eng Am Can Ch Rodari Orient Express
Pekein Tula-Shah of Pekehuis
Kushan Debt of Love Eng Ch Pekehuis Pure Gold of Tenling
Kushan King's Ransom
Ch Muhlin Morticia of Dreamville ROM Ch Muhlin Monopoly, BIS, BISS, SOD Ch Shihgo Tittle Tattle To Toydom
Muhlin Anjali
Phil Ch Dreamville Dark Crystal Ch Hope's Dash Of Eberhard BIS BISS
Phil Ch Morningstar Viva

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